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16 Nov 2010

5 Dynamo lights

Not long ago I wrote about the pros and cons of hub and bottle dynamos. It ended with the fact that I'd bought a Nordlicht bottle dynamo from Dutch bike bits. It works fine and my lights give plenty of light. Indeed, you also need a proper head light to ride in the dark. Riding on quiet, scenic, rural roads is a thing I like doing. But like I just said, I need lots of lumen to do so.

Lights that are powerful enough for this sort of riding can be pricey. For my Mango velomobile, that doesn't matter. The IQ-speed I have with that is absolutely worth the money. But for my humble Cruiser, there's less money available. For such a case, a home build light often is a solution. And that's what I did. I combined two 3 watt Leds with a narrow lens and some other parts to make a cheap light. Where the IQ has a beautifully and well engineered reflector to give a efficient beam, these ones use more low tech, much cheaper, solutions. 

They're not near as good as the B&M lights. Those give enough light to ride 40kph in pitch darkness, with a velomobile. During my evening rides with the Cruiser my speed isn't much higher than 30kph. At that speed, my home build does the job very well. Because of your point of view, you need more light on a velomobile than on a 'normal' bike.

Now I like building lights and I also like to do some business. So, after hours of thinking, I found a way to make affordable lights in a for me profitable way. The headlight produces about 160 lumen and and weights very little. They're small enough to be shipped in an envelope. (again, that keeps the price low) I've made 5 and you can have one of them for €17,50. That includes European shipping.

You might notice that there is quite some glue on them. That's a way to ensure a strong and reliable headlight. You can hook 'em up to a dynamo and bolt or zip-tie them to your fork crown/handle bar/light mount. You can tell me if you want more that 30 centimetre of wire. Send me a photo of your mount and I'll make something that makes it fit.

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  1. I've seen them, both in use on Peter's bike and holding one in my hand connected to a battery. They're bright enough for most purposes.