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29 Nov 2010

National Automobile Museum, The Hague

I had a 'cheap whole day train travel card'. The real cheapskate tries to use such a card as good as possible, as in, for a long ride. And naturally, that's what I did. I use my card for a train ride to The Hague. The Louwman Museum was on my to-do-list since September. The museum has a collection of 230 cars. Some ordinary road cars, some unique and worth millions.

Does this story involve a 'bent? Sure it does. I used my R604B to ride to several locations in the city. There's plenty of cycle path, but the quality is not what I'm used to. (tiles and bumps, but properly segregated)  More infrastructure related information: even a car museum has a cycle parking, and it's being used too.

Well then, back to the cars. The museum is brand new and, to be honest, could use some more decorating. The collection however, is very impressive. From an original 230 year old coach to several Bugatti's. They have to worlds oldest Toyota and 80 year old cars which have never been restored. I walked around for a little more than three hours and there was always something to amaze me. Browse through my Picasa gallery to see the cars that drew my attention the most.

After the museum I rode back to the nearby forest to eat some sandwiches I carried with me. I found a nice spot near a royal palace. From there on my legs pedalled me to the coast. It was there that, for the first time ever, I road a bike on a real beach. I did have to drag my bike to the coast line, to there where the sand is flat and compressed.

Next stop was our country's centre of democracy. I ate a delicious almond donut from a small stand behind the Ridderzaal. By now it was already 4 o'clock. There was more to today. Our national railway company brought me to Schiphol Airport. Wandering around there is as close as I can get to going on a far vacation for a while. I discovered a, for me new here, concept of 'fast food', Toko Togo. Actually, it isn't fast food. It's fast, but good food too. They sell Asian food, rice and alike. So if you happen to be hungry on Schiphol, there more to choose from than Burger King and other fries selling companies. Toko Togo is something I'd recommend. My rice with broccoli and other veggies was yummy!

Back home at half past eight or so with 25km on the cycle computer.

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