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31 Dec 2010

2010 in a list

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  • Best race: 6 hour race with Jivalté, Cycle Vision
  • Worst race: Tilburg, I was sick.
  • Top speed with tail wind: 68.5kph in Jenease, 62 without tail wind.
  • Best rational buy: Flevobike Oké-ja
  • Also bought: Jenease and Yoska
  • One week of flu meant no holiday for me this year.
  • I assembled and checked many Nazca's. I plan to do many more in 2011.
  • Financially seen, December was the best month. A new job and a tax refund.
  • I'm still working on the carbon racer.
  • 3 Nazca's, 1 Sinner, a Flevobike and a home-made 'bent.
  • 1 vote for the green party during the July elections.
  • Great and longest ride: my 306km night ride.
  • I sleep on an Auping bed base since a few weeks.
  • No friends/family died, one came close.
  • This blog had about 13.500 visits and 22.000 page views, average visit time: 1:34
  • I sold 6 lights.
  • I had my hair cut from, approximately,  30 to 7 centimetre.
  • The Northern Velomobile ride was organized by me.
  • 150 or so of this years kilometres where ridden on a 28" Gaucho.
  • My first Spezi 
  • I went to an Ellen ten Damme concert.
  • I bought 2 Beatles albums: Magnificent (edit: Magical) Mystery Tour and Rubber Soul.
  • I wrote a manual to replace the handlebars of an uss Nazca.
  • I don't know who made the photo below, but it's made after the most exhausting race of the year. It was the semi final of the velodrome racing at Cycle Vision. After this, I won (!) the loser final. That does mean that I didn't qualify for the grand final...

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  1. That Beatles Album is called "Magical Mystery Tour". It is coming to take you away!