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26 Dec 2010

Christmas rides, 2011 coming near

Yesterday I went out with Jenease for a 40km through a quiet and white Drenthe. There was so little traffic that I choose to ride on the road, instead of on the cyclepath. Doing so, I also was able keep a nice average. The cyclepaths on this route where good enough to ride on, but not much faster than 25kph or so. Close to 40 was no problem on these deserted rural roads. Snug warm, listening to the radio, the joy of diving into small patches of snow and to kick the tail out every now and then.

If you feel like playing with google maps, here follows an idea of the route. Assen - TT circuit - Laaghalen - Hooghalen - Amen - Ekehaar - Eldersloo - Rolde - Balloo - Loon - Assen

The great thing is that my Mango has no problem dealing with the snow and salt. The aluminum parts of the front suspension and the rims have a layer of vaseline to protect them, the body doesn't need extra care and the chain is perfectly shielded. I was so happy to ride that I didn't stop to take a picture.

Today, I did use my camera during a little ride in my city's forest. Just a 10km ride in that typical sort of silence winter brings. Easily toodling (?) around at a slow pace on my Oké-ja.

It being Christmas, boxing day in the English speaking world at the time I write this, means that the end of the year is approaching. Time to post this 'card' you see below. I shot all the photos within 2km of my house. Assen can be beautiful, you just need to now where to look. (click it for large version)


  1. Peter, dat stukje achtergrond muziek ? van wie is dat ? Ik herken het nummer van een U2 cd maar ik weet niet van wie het origineel is .
    Titel is zoiets van Train to georgia ?

  2. People get on board, Matt Anderson. Originally by Otis Redding.
    Episode 11th December, after 18 minutes.