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20 Dec 2010

More Oké-ja things, lights and studs

Because of the winter weather and my new little commute, the Oké-ja gets used a lot more. That made it a bike to equip with a dynamo light system. A shiny Nordlicht (just like on Yoska) from the webshop "Dutch bike bits" and a "2x8 Dynolight" out of my own little factory. I mounted the prototype, number zero. Now I finally got to see how my lights perform. To make the system complete, I made a matching tail light, with capacitor.

I'd used similar head lights before, but never actually ridden with a 2x8. There was a sense of relief when I saw that it gives a nice bundle and enough usable lux. It does what it should do. Better said, I really liked it! The bundle is about seven metres long and three metres wide. There's some light outside that too. The two I'd already sold should make their owners happy in the dark. Anyway, I still have two in stock. You can read more about them in this blog post.

The snow and ice also are a reason to see what it is like to have a studded tyre at the back. The grip it gives is like nothing you've ever ridden. The Marathon Winter is noisy on a clean road, but the stability it gives on ice and snow is wonderful. As long there's snow and alike, this is a great addition to your everyday bike. It'll probably be replaced with a fat Marathon Plus. Again, that's reliable, worry free and comfortable, perfect for a 'bent like this. That gives my the possibility to enjoy every little ride as much as possible.

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