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18 Dec 2010

my Flevobike Oké-ja and snow

Snow is fun, but it makes riding a bike less easy. Back in the days, when I still rode up-rights, snow would greatly reduce the fun and speed of which I'd ride a bike. Still, I'd be riding. Because it's possible and I have no alternative. Cycle paths are kept clear enough to ride and keep us away from sliding cars.

When the velomobile came in to my life, snow became a highlight, and it still is. Three wheels mean stability and the chance to slip and slide as much as you want. It also protects me, and the chain, from the cold and the wet. For shorter distances however, a two wheeled bike is easier. More agile and usable for delivering mail.

When I brought my Oké-ja home from Bussem, the last 3km or  so where in a white world. It turned out that this bike handles very well when there's little grip. Now, I ride it 3 to 4 days a week to work and I use it to deliver mail. My conclusion is, is that an Oké-ja (or something similar) is the perfect 2-wheeled bike for snowy conditions.

The feet are low, the seat is very upright. Yet, is still offers enough comfort for rides up to roughly 10km. The chain is well protected and the gearing is an internally geared hub. With this bike I can ride at a reasonable pace, even when there some ice on the road. The low feet position means that I can easily reach the ground when the tyres loose grip. The seat positioning gives good balancing. No worries, no ride that requires your full 100% concentration. I just pedal and enjoy the view of my hometown Assen dressed in white.

It'll be great to ride the Pioneer again. My Fuego, Yivalté really needs a ride. But as long as I enjoy winter, the Oké-ja and Jenease will do the job.

I wrote about the Oke-ja before. There now sold be a different company. The new name is Velo Fun. I did once ride my Pioneer in the snow. That was challenging, but I did end up with a nice video.

Studded tyres seem to be a good thing too, check 'em out here.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Peter,

    I can imagine very well why your go-one performs so good in these conditions.
    The high seat makes it easy to balance while the small front wheel (unlike the Pioneer) is much easier to steer through the snow as a big
    Also the three wheels of a vm will encounter more 'snow resistance' because tracks in the snow are cut by two wheeled bikes!