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12 Dec 2010

Terra Cycle idler for Jenease

First of all, news about me. I've got another job for three days a week. It's for a local shop/warehouse and I'm their furniture delivery assistant. More income, more work, more life, more future. We'll see what happens after three months, that's when the contract ends. For now, I'm happy with it.

Work is needed to have an income. And that income is spend on various things. A significant part of my total income is spend on 'bent related stuff. My latest buy is a TC idler for Jenease. I did hesitate, these things don't come cheap. But the experience I had with the TC idler in my previous Mango was so good, that I knew what I was missing. You can read about that idler here.

I send a question to Icletta to ask if a ten speed chain would require something special.  The answer, from Kirk, mostly written by Pat Franz, was more than complete. Dérailleur chains have the same inside width 3/32" or 2.38mm. The more gears you have, the thinner the side plates are. I should have known that.... Anyway, conclusion, a 10 speed chain will run just as good on a toothed idler as a 9 (or 7 and 8) speed chain does. So, after some more thinking, I did buy it. A 14 tooth titanium Elite idler.

The photo shows my chain line set-up. The idler has 'float' and the chain runs smooth and feels direct in all gears, like it should. The power side chain tubes are attached to the return side tube. It feels a lot better than my previous idler, a plastic flevo one. I already had a special bolt with a thread-less top section. TC can make you one if you order an idler from them.

This little special 'bent part costs almost €100,- and that's a lot of money. But even ol' cheapskate me thinks it's worth it. All your power has to pass this little idler. And it's price is only a small percentage of what a velomobile costs. It'll last extremely long too and is worry free.

Yesterday, I went to the Ligfietsgarage to install another new part in Jenease. It's something new and I'm the guy who's going to test it. I'm waiting for the final parts to come in, but it should be a great addition to my Mango. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed where 2 other Red Editions. On the photo you'll see: 3 R.E.'s, a Sport and a Classic. That's a lot of healthy fruit!.


  1. Hi Pjotr,

    Great blog - I particularly like the Mango posts :)

    I think I recognise that Mango on its side - I have a feeling it will be heading my way soon. I might have to swap notes with you once I get into it.


    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. Thanks Paul,

    Cool, an Australian Red Edition!

    There's always time to help/give advice to another velonaut ;-)


  3. Thanks, Pjotr.

    I'll let you know when she arrives - can't wait but I'm sure the weather is going to hold it up for a while!.

    Sometime in 2011 I'll get a photo of her at the beach! (about 100km ride from my home!). I'm keen to see how the Mango (and I) cope(s) with high humidity and temperatures in the hight 30s (celsius). The main killer here is the heating from the direct sunlight (we're at Latitude 27 South) - it really burns during the day. Vicious.



  4. She's arrived!


  5. Great! Take time, practice, get to know how she handles and reacts, stay calm, and enjoy!


  6. Hi Peter, the photos from this blog page are not showing, I am interested in your floating chain idler for Jenease. I am trying to do something similar in my Mango. Any chance of a link to the photos if you still have them?

    Cheers Terry

  7. I couldn't find the right photo anymore.
    An important thing is that the return chain is on the right side of the idler. Not on the left, as Sinner does/did.
    And a proper chain pulley is very important too.