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30 Jan 2011

Cruiser Yoska for sale

As I wrote in a previous post, I'm very seriously considering a new bike. A suitcase transportable machine that I can use on far away journeys. An important factor in buying things is money. Another factor is space and practicality. I'd decided that I'd sell my Cruiser. It has overlap in it's purposes with my Fuego and Pioneer. My money and space could be spend in a more efficient way.

The new bike will be a Cruzbike Quest 451. Something completely different, and yes, mine will be even more different. I've came up with a small modification that, from my point of view, will make the Q451 significantly better for me. More on that when the orange fwd mbb 'bent is in my house. That 'orange' is a bit of a downside. It's a colour that dangles somewhere on the lower end of my list of favourite colours. Red and white are my colours! But providing one colour keeps the costs down, which is an understandable business philosophy.

I'll buy my Q451 from Spincylz, the Nazca dealer in California. Nanda spotted my interest and pointed me in the direction of the Quest. That does mean that I'll join the club of Quest owners. In the Dutch 'bent world however, that has a complete different meaning. My Q451 is small enough to fit in a Radical Design trailer behind my Mango ;-)

Back to Yoska. Her story has been tolled on this blog and there are plenty of photos in my picasa album. I'll sell her without lights and dynamo. You can use this blog's search function on the top of this page to find all I've written about this 1999 Nazca. The original rack is also included. That does need quite some sanding/grinding and painting. I was thinking about a €525,- price tag. Overseas shipping is possible, but be aware that the cost of that easily exceed €350,-!

The bike will probably fit people from 1.6 up to 1.8 metre tall. The tiller is a bit on the short side, but it fits me. It's meant for rides from early spring to the 'Indian summer'. Not for year round commuting. Kept simple and ready for thousands of fun kilometres. Possibly the ideal bike beside your velomobile. Riding on a 2 wheeled open bike just is more fun. I have my Fuego Yivalté for the close to perfect riding experience.

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