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15 Jan 2011

DRC Apeldoorn, back on my Fuego

Finally, a chance to ride my precious Yivalté again. My last ride was in September. Since then, the roads have always been wet, dirty or a combination of that. I customized the route of the return chain the day before the race. A chain tube is practical, an extra idler is more efficient. It should be good for a few tenths of a kilometre at 45kph.

A 4km TT means 16 laps on this oval. I had a careful start, beginning with 44kph or so. But when the 2 other riders came close, (we started close after each other) gear 7 was traded for gear 8 and I took a leap forward. It went rather well with a time of 5:19, just over 45kph average. That was a time that put me in the slower half of the strong field. I'd be taking part in the runners-up criterium.

And in that group where a few riders I'm very familiar with on the track. Jos, Thomas and Emmy. We quickly formed a group in which also Walter and Marcel had a place. The speeds varied from 44 to 54. Luckily I'm able to cope which such a race nowadays. Of course, training helps, but a fast bike helps too. One of my favourite special modifications to my Fuego is reclining the seat beyond the original specifications. That, combined with narrow handlebars, strong legs and a nice 'no pogo' chainline make for a fast combination on most tracks.

And until the final lap, everything went according to plan. Than I made the mistake to look at the timing a bit to long. That's how I missed the quick getaway of Marcel on his loaner RazzFazz. He won, and I finished just behind Jos. You can view all results here, on Mylaps.

Besides the racing, there's more. I also like to just, be there. Watching, chatting, listening, being in the middle of it. In the middle of world class recumbent racing. There is good camaraderie between the riders. It more than just 'bents we talk about.You can see some of that atmosphere on the photos I've made.

Like always, I brought my Drift X170 camera. I filmed my own and David's race. Unfortunately he dropped back after half an hour. But the camera kept recording. Lot's of close racing. I also like the short scenes about what happened right after the finish.

David was riding his trusty M5 CLR, he was in the fast group.

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