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6 Feb 2011

Weekend, several things

My weekend started at Nazca. I checked several bikes and built four wheels. A lot of wheels I use on my own bikes are laced and trued by yours truly, but these where the first I build for Nazca. I learned it, five years or so ago, from a fellow Huneligger. And yes, I also had the joy of my 84km Friday commute. This time with a 5-7bft. wind. The tailwind pushed me home, the headwind gave my some extra training. Which is good. I have another race on the 13th of February.

Last week I gave my Pioneer a proper tiller. I'd been using a home made one for over a year, that one wasn't that stable anymore. So a well engineered, slightly heavier, but much nicer tiller from the 'little int. hq. was installed. Also added to my big red 'bent was a 46t chain ring. That completed my 3x3 gearing system. An efficient  and classic Sturmey Archer AW3 hub, with two 33% steps, combined with a 38, 42, and a 46 chainring give a 9 speed system with 10% steps. Operating it has a learning curve, but it works! Big easy steps for city riding and close gearing for longer distances. The gear range goes from 13 to 48kph.

My Oké-ja finally got the right shifter to match the SRAM TK3 hub. This hub replaces the original Nexus 4. That one was geared way to high and much less efficient. Indeed, I like 3 speed hubs. I got the classic looking little thumb operated lever from a fellow velonaut with a webshop in bike parts. My up-right-ish 'bent also had it electrics checked and it's tail light replaced. That's another little home made thing. Dynamo operated and with a capacitor to keep it shining when the wheels don't turn.

On Sunday I made a little 70km ride with 3 other Huneliggers. The four of us where riding some of the worlds finest velomobiles. A red Carbon Strada, a Mango Red Edition, a Mango Sport and a 'normal' Quest. Again, the wind was strong, we enjoyed that. Later this day I took mom out on her Gaucho. Winter had kept her from riding her blue 24" 'bent and I thought it was about time she'd get back on it again.

Tomorrow, a courier from DHL will pick up a large package from my house. This is part of a little project of mine. It involves second hand recumbents, me, and the international community of bentriders. More about this later. However, my Cruiser still is available. It might be a good idea to create an add for that on

An extra little notice for my American readers. Nazca's are available via a dealer in California since not so long.  That's makes buying this Euro-bent a whole lot easier. Check out the Spincylz website for more info. Am I getting paid for this? Not that I know. I already liked the idea of more Euro-bents on the other side of the big pond. And an overseas dealer makes for a whole lot less hassle.


  1. I woke up too late this morning to join you on the morning ride. However, Judy and I went for a ride this afternoon. Judy on her Spirit and for me a rare chance to ride the PDQ.

  2. Hi Peter,

    For quiet a while I thought Shimano stoped using the roller ramp clutches in there gearing systems after the 4-speed.
    Recently I discovered they got back to use them in there 8-gear hubs ('red band edition'): Very suitable for equipping on a linear pro-pulsed bike and much more efficient than the 4 !
    Regards, Mick