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14 Mar 2011

Fuego time, finally

A little while ago, a Pioneer rider visited the Nazca shop in Nijeveen. That happens more often. The funny thing was that this man knew me, sort of. He reads my blog, and my writings, videos and photos where part of the reason he got himself a 2nd hand Pioneer. More important where the many Nazca's used to travel the world. If the bike could handle Australia, it'll work here too. Not his exact words, but you get the idea.

That day, I took my Fuego Yivalté to ride to the little int. hq. And yes, she is my favourite. Nothing feels, handles and goes like this 'bent. The ergonomics are perfect for me. The narrow handlebars, the custom brake handle position, the low seat angle, the neck rest, the shifter, the seat, the bracket height. This feeling of near perfection is what I aim for in every bike I ride. Of course, I know that every bike has its/hers/his own strong points and intended use.

Anyway, the weather was good last weekend and I used it good. I rode the Biddinghuizen on Saturday the review the facilities for Cycle Vision. A 100km ride with Yivalté. Recumbent grin form ear to ear... I spent over 3 hours riding, looking and discussing the place with fellow 'bent rider Gerold. He offered me a ride to Woerden, where I would attend the annual  meeting of the NVHPV. I took the offer the be on time for dinner. The Audi he drives was a pleasant addition to this day.

I quickly found the train station and, from that, the meeting location was found back by memory. Theo and Erik had prepared dinner and more riders where there to do other things. Mainly it was an evening of telling stories and sharing experiences. On the photo you see 'camp Peter'. I dragged my Fuego and stuff up 2 stairs to where I wanted to sleep. High, cool (for the inner 10yo), under a smoke detector and next to a fire escape.

The next morning, there was good breakfast. No waffles, but with plenty of other things to make it a proper start of the day. Later on, more people came in to attend the meeting. The meeting was interesting. It's good to be where decisions are made. And I spoke with Guus, that's something I wanted to mention here. I had my worries about his health, but he's doing fine now. He ain't fast, but he's riding.

Afterwards, around half past 4, I started my journey home. I wasn't sure how exactly, so I just started riding towards Utrecht. Maarten pointed me the right direction and of I went. My GPS lead me through parts of Utrecht, Soest and forest. After 45km I decided to head for Amersfoort. A city with a train station. I never intended to ride back to whole 180km. The bendy cycle paths near Amersfoort are fantastic. Left and right, up and down, past the field, through the woods.

As usual, the train ride back to Assen went without any difficulties. I grabbed a snack before boarding, a 'bamischijf'. This weekend added 180km to the odometer of Yivalté. Needless to say, it was a good one.

During the meeting, I made eye contact with a man I hadn't seen for a year. Now that happens more often. You say hello to someone you haven't seen for a while and than continue with what you where doing. But this was something different. A year ago he was very enthusiastic about a special bike he would pick up three days later. Insiders and my fellow 'bent riders know the rest of the story. I spoke with him during the tea time break. That was one of those conversations I won't forget.

Take care out there.


  1. Had to google bamischijf, food pix are welcome to :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @SpinCyclz:
    I'll explain it for the readers. It's a fried dish shaped snack filled with noodles. Probably a Dutch invention. You can buy it in small fast food shops. Those often have a vending machine like wall with many tiny lids, which contain hot fried snacks. Perfect for quickly grabbing something to eat before boarding a train.