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22 Mar 2011

My Cruzbike Quest 451, special.

Regular readers knew something was coming. And last week, the last part arrived. Usually, all parts arrive at once. I had bad luck, an important part wasn't in the box. After some e-mails going back and forward between here and The States, Fedex delivered the missing telescopic front tube. I had used the time that took to work on the details and finishing of my little orange 'bent.

Assembling it was quite easy for me. Swapping the short 451 chainstay for the longer 559 chainstay however, took a lot of effort. The fitting of the pivot points near the front axle is very tight. But it resulted in a higher bottom bracket, and that is worth the effort for me. I did more to make it 'special'. Aerobars/open cockpit style handlebars, different reflectors, pump, toolkit bag, presta valves, no granny gear, clipless pedals, Nordlicht bottle dynamo, 2x8 Dynolight, seat post rack, wireless computer, bottle cages, Drop-stop mini fender and neater cable routing.

I changed all that, without having ridden a metre. Last Thursday, just before dinner, I went for it. With some Flevobike experience in the legs, this should be easy as pie. The first round the block required the full width of the street. Later that evening I started with 'roll, steer, pedal and relax'. That lead to a 6km ride through a quiet and dark neighbourhood.

On Saturday morning my stability, manoeuvrability and speed grew during a 12km ride. After that, I felt confident enough the install the Wellgo clip-less pedals  I'd bought on E-bay. 256 gram a pair and cheap. With the clip-less pedals, the quality of my ride greatly improved. A nice cadence of 95 or so and, again, more straight line stability. After lunch I rode 33km. I adjusted the front brake halfway the ride. You go faster when the disc don't rub the pads... 

Sunday was the day of the first long ride, 87km with my fellow Huneliggers. I started to notice and appreciate the different sort of work out I was getting on this type of 'bent. By now I could cruise at 28kph or so and sprint to  a max of almost 50. I'm happy to conclude that the Q451 is a good addition to my stable of 'bents. Every bike has it's place. The Quest makes me engage more muscles, a bit like on an upright when you pull the handlebars, I guess. Anyway, I like it, it feels good. Thanks to Nanda and the people from Cruzbike.

Numbers, as on photos:
  • weight: just below 16kg
  • wheelbase: 108cm
  • seat height: 53cm
  • bb height: 56cm
  • gears: 52/42 - 30-11, 2x9
  • crank length: 155mm
In my previous post, I said I'd sell my Cruiser. Things have changed. I'm keeping the young classic. It's one of the first, likely build by the founder of the company, came with all documents, from the 1st owner and I have room enough. Plan is to get her back to how she once left the factory. So with the rack, fenders and front derailleur. A bright yellow blast from the recumbent past.

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  1. Although a liniar movement in mather of fact the oblidged use of the arm muscles at the same time as the feet is somewhat similar as my benchpress-bike.
    More precise, after the aplication of the 'Berger-block'. Before that I could do the propulsion also with only my feet...