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29 Mar 2011

National pride, sort of.

When Jenease stood on her wheels for the 1st time, the idea came to put a big Maple Leaf on the sides. I went to the sign company, next door, and they had an idea. Then, nothing happened, they'd lost my phone number. But recently, Sinner let me know that the sign company still had something for me. I hadn't had much time during winter, but now I had, some. So I made an appointment, cleaned the body, rode to Groningen, and had it done. Twenty minutes was all it took. It looks fabulous. Just an outline, in red on white and in white on red, brilliant.

I took her out for a fast ride last Sunday. The evening ride I did last Wednesday was only 28km. This would be a longer one. On my way North, I helped out a father and his son. A flat, no pump and no 'glue'. Naturally, a had it all. They where each riding one of them up-right bikes, with a saddle and so. Didn't look very developed. But we're here, on our little earth, to help each other. And I was in a good mood, and the weather was helping too. Just 10 minutes and everybody was on his way again.

This 'delay' had created time for my dad to overtake me. He also was out for a ride, in his Alleweder. We had a different plan and I'm somewhat faster, but we rode together for a couple of minutes. We then both went our own way again. I continued heading North, with quite some speed. For some reason, me legs and Jenease felt excellent. The speedo showed a figure around 40 for most of the time. Also on my way back, after a visiting a recumbent friend. Long straights, legs spinning at 95 or so, effortless acceleration, enjoying the close gear ratio of a 10 speed cassette, the TC idler, the comfort and aerodynamics of my Mango. (in no particular order) This day I cycled 90km.

Friday also was a 90km day. The usual commute to Nazca, this time on Yivalté, mi Fuego. A happy German customer came to collect his Gaucho 26. I, once again, tried my best at doing my job as good as possible. Thriving for the best adjustments finishing and fittings possible.

On Friday evening, on my way back from the pool, I chased a fire truck to see where something was happening. Turned out, nothing really happened. But I sure had a good time racing through a suburb on Lobbes the Pioneer. This big 'bent is so good at doing this. Going fast under urban circumstances, never afraid of some rough roads. Almost capable of the same corner angles as Yivalté.

And, let's also mention Yoska, my 1999 Cruiser, that I didn't sell. I cleaned the rear rack and made a list of what has to be done to get her back in an original condition. Not much that is. A new rear fender is on the list, as well as black paint for the rack and tiller.

Tuesday evening, the bright sky called for a ride. I took out my Q451 and cycled past and through several small villages around hometown Assen. 36km with a stop to have a wee and to look at the twinkling stars. It has a dynamo and a 2x8 Dynolight to lite up the dark roads I prefer to ride on. The same set up as on the Oké-ja. That was used quite a lot on Thursday to deliver all the post. My dad was away for a few days with mom, so I had to do it all myself. Pedalling through Assen on a little 'bent, while earning some money and listening to the radio.

Yup, last week was a good one. I also listened to 3 records. A chair, a cup of coffee and some chocolate completed the scenery. Let's not forget Sunday morning. Watching the 1st race of the F1 season is fun too. And I made banana pancakes for breakfast, supreme!

More photos, from the whole stable of 'bents can be found on my Picasa page. Videos are online on my YouTube channel. Next Sunday: the 3th and final race of this years Dutch Recumbent Competition.

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  1. The indoor competition, that is. The outdoor fun has yet to start. Have fun, I won't be there, I'm on my way to Vienna.