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14 Apr 2011

Ligfietsopstapdag Assen 2011

The easiest and most efficient way of promoting recumbents most possibly is an 'opstapdag'. I don't really know how to translate that, but the idea is simple. Manufacturers hire a location, do some local promotion with posters and bring demo-'bents. That's all. In Assen we have a good location. A 400 metre oval/ice/skeeler rink.

Good weather and about 30 'bents. The whole mix was good enough to attract a few hundred people. Among those, people like me, but also complete newbies. For the more experienced rider it's an event to meet each other and talk 'bents and so for an afternoon. Some make it part of a Sunday group ride. The newbie has everything  he/she (yes, she too) could wish for. Experts to talk with and nothing to be ashamed of. Your surrounded with people just like you and with those who are able to help.

The results of a day like this? Lot's of people had a good time and manufacturers sell more bikes.You can't buy anything on a day like this, but it sure triggers people to visit a dealer for a longer test ride.

I was busy telling folks about the different Nazca's half the time. The rest of the time was about having fun.

More of my photos.
Guldan's 141 photos.

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  1. Speaking of 'newbies'.
    The first time I met Jan with the white carbon Quest that you've seen in Sloten at the 'Fortenroute'(I think it was).
    He introduced himself as a "newbie" and invited me to ride in his Quest.
    Look at him now racing his new Q. with home made wheel-fairings !

  2. "Hop onto the Recumbent-day", "Recumbent try-out day", "Try-a-bent-athon", any more?

    Too bad I had to choose between a beautiful ride through the bollenvelden and the dunes and meeting a lot of people over there in assen. See you another time!

  3. "Opstapdag" might possibly translate to "Open Day" in English.

    Here in Melbourne, Australia we have a "Come and Try Recumbent Day" on the first Sunday of every month.