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17 May 2011

Chain lube: Green Oil

A lot of cyclist have their favourite chain lube. It took a while for me to find mine, but a few months ago, I did. When I'd decided to buy a TC idler for my Mango, my order at Icletta was only one item. One item with, a reasonable, €10,00 or so shipping costs. I wanted to spread those costs over more items and that's why I browsed through the webshop.

There I found Green Oil. It looked like an interesting product. To be know more about it's quality, I quickly scanned some online reviews. Not only was it 'green', it also was described as a good lubricant. (and that it smells pleasant)

Well, after a few months I can agree with those reviews I read. It sticks to the chain, survives rain and doesn't get messy. I even use it on my Fuego's chain. Since that a good weather bike, that's an easy job for a chain lube. The Pioneer does get used in wet weather and has chain tubes. Also under those not so lube friendly circumstances, Green Oil does the job.

Problem here is that there's no local retailer for it. To be sure I'd have enough for quite some time, I asked Kirk from Icletta if he could bring some of it for me to Spezi. He did and now I have 3 bottles, more than plenty to make it past Spezi 2012.

So, when you see at a local retailer, or when you buy something from Icletta, buy some. I recommend it.

Green Oil has a website too...

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