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4 May 2011

Late report: Recumbent Easter meeting

There only was one day between the meeting and my ride to Spezi. That's too little time to write a blog item. I spent that Tuesday preparing for the 3 day trip.

Well than, it started at Friday morning. I rode to work with my Cruiser and everything I need for a long weekend of camping. I thought it would be fun to make the journey on a classic and basic machine. The minor tailwind was enough to get there while cruising at 28kph or so. The conditions where good too when I left the little int. hq. at half past four. The fun always begins after Apeldoorn. First some uphill, than mostly downhill. Top speed was 55kph on a slightly bendy cycle path, fun!

I arrived at the Harskamperdennen campsite precisely on time. Camp Peter was set up and I walked to Maarten and Maaike who where so kind to prepare some extra food. It was around 9 now and I tend to have a good appetite after 95km of riding. Dinner was excellent. Lot's of veggies, great taste, exactly what I need after a long day. A good base for a good night of sleep.

Saturday is the day that I do very little. I went to the supermarket, twice. First just for breakfast, the second time for more. More and more people arrived at the campsite. The atmosphere was good, the weather was almost too warm. It actually was so dry, that the usual Saturday evening campfire wasn't build.

Sunday, to day of the GPS puzzle ride. I was in a clever group. We first answered all questions and than had a nice tour behind the only man with a GPS, who just knew how to use it. I had to brake a little for a pretty Fujin SL2 Rohloff on a downhill section. Me and Yoska wanted to go faster than the 59.5 the man in front wanted. In all circumstances my nearly 12 year old bike with only 8 gears had what was needed. Full suspension, good handling, a well engineered chainline and 35mm Kojak tires. Except for a part with loose and rough gravel. I needed more rubber for that. I managed, but very slowly.

We'd been riding fairly slow and social for most of the ride. I felt like doing the final part at a substantial higher pace. More felt that way. The fastest three can be seen in action near the end of the video I've made.

Like on most evenings, I prepared my own dinner in front of my tent. It was when I did the dishes that I met a fairly unique person in the world of 'bents. Let me say we (or just I) need more of those. The music used in the video gives a hint.

After that, I said hello to my parents, who where enjoying their first Easter meeting. They didn't camp, but had rented small accommodation, elsewhere on the campsite. Mom rides a 24" Gaucho, Dad a 2004 Cruiser.

Monday, time to say goodbye and head home. Now with a headwind. Time to take it easy. Good to practice riding at a slower than usual pace. Excellent preparation for the Spezi ride. This long weekend was good for 330km.

More photos can be found here .


  1. Hi Peter,

    Good account of the 'Paastreffen'.
    I already feared you had wiped out the membrance of the event from your memory!
    I used one of your execent foto's for my own blog because i figured you wouldn't objekt.
    I think it was your mother who tried to draw my atention to the fact that my backlight wasn't on.
    After one beer in the chinese restaurant i just forgot to switch it on, sorry...

    SU next time!

  2. My mom always is quick with such things.

    The photo fits in nicely with your blog, no problemo, you did that the right way.

    I think next time will be CV.