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28 May 2011

Radical Design Velomobile bag

In the past I had two homemade 'velomobile bags'. The 'old jeans 5 pocket' model was used for quite some time. The 'simple tunnel with a zipper' was a lot lighter, but less practical. Now, I've found what I was looking, the ideal velomobile bag.

What now follows is not a long story about how I came up with an ingenious idea, while riding through the night, somewhere between far away and home. Based on what I'd heard and seen I decided to buy the real Velomobile bag. I was on my way to Radical to buy a different bag, when I did that.

I'd called the worlds largest recumbent bag manufacture earlier that day and asked If they had a Backbone in stock. They had, and 2 hours or so later I was at their headquarters. The Backbone is a backpack, that can also be used as a bag on your rear rack. I thought it would be a good addition to my Pioneer. Turned out, it really is.

For both bags I had the choice between 5 colours. Red would be excellent for a Red Edition Mango. Black for the Backbone would suit every 'bent. I quickly found out how well thought out the Velomobile bag is. It stays in place, offers a spot for my phone and MP3 player/radio, camera and food for a day. There's foam in it to stop content from rattling. You don't even think about when you use it. It just slides into your velonautic live, like it has always been there.

Something completely different: next week a post about tomorrows race at my favourite track, Trias :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hoe goed omschreven! Deze tas is idd zo simpel en ontzettend handig in gebruik. Al mijn andere tassen, tasjes en bakjes staan nu stof te vangen in de schuur.
    Ik heb geen aandelen, maar alle producten van Radical zijn geweldig handig. Zeker voor ligfietsers.