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5 Aug 2011

1st Cruzbike video

Yesterday I went out to shoot my 1st video with the Q451. I rode to one of my favourite spots, the army training grounds. Most of the time, nothing happens there. Perfect to ride whilst fooling around with a camera. All went according to plan and I extended my ride with a little loop in Northern direction. Just past a tiny village called Eleveld, I took a wrong turn. First part of the road was asphalt. After a few hundred metres I discovered my navigation error, but decided to see where this road would take me.

First some sand, than a mixture of sand and grass. More bumps, mud, puddles followed. It had rained really hard the night before. I'd been doomed on any other dual 20" bike with 28mm tires, but the little fellow just pulled me through! Front wheel drive at it's best, and the suspension did a welcome job too. Here and there I was in it up to the rims, but at no point, it got too hard to ride. After 1km or so, the mud and sand road reached 'civilization' again.  That is, there was a little old asphalt road, that led to some old farm houses. So close to home, and I'd never been there before.

It was fun, not fast, but it get's you there. I'll film it the next time I encounter the un-paved. Below is the video.

After dinner I washed of the mud. I think that with a pair of fat 406mm wheels, a bike like this will do just about every little path you can find. And with nobby 24" wheels, even more.


  1. Oh, that's where the video was made. I didn't recognize it.

  2. Because I pay attention to it I recognize the little oscillation this kind of propelled bikes tend to have. In the future i'll certainly try to copy it!

  3. Cruzbikes are easy to copy. They sell kits to convert certain uprights in to recumbents with fwd and mbb.

  4. Yes I know because I spoke an importer of the bikes. Only thing is the broader front fork is not included.
    This may seem a smaller detail but it will oblige
    me to be creative anyway...
    Probably after my hip has been replaced.
    CU Mick

  5. From the website:
    The conversion kit includes everything you need to easily convert an inexpensive but good quality mountain bike to a recumbent cruiser: the Cruzbike Recumbent. The conversion is based on our unique and patented front triangle and is complemented by our contoured Cruzbike Recumbent Seat.

    But I too would give my hip a high priority. Good luck with that!