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31 Aug 2011

Ordinary ride with my Q451

I replaced the stock derailleur pulleys with a set from Tacx and I felt like going for a ride anyway. The be honest, I always almost feel like going for a ride. So, in the right bottle holder .6 litre of sports drink, and in the right bottle holder my Cage Rocket with important stuff and a mini chocolate bar.

Past the canal, via the cycle road, past the graveyard, on to the brick road (suspension :-) and then a 2nd traffic light and I'm out of Assen via the Southern route in 5km. A 10km straight follows and the speedo reads 32 or so. Depending on the wind, my speed varies between 29 and 35kph in this 2 hour ride. I cross the rail roads and follow a nice cycle path until I start riding past another canal for the next 20km. Half way, I have a wee. The upper body thing Cruzbike mentions makes for a higher heart rate and a better performing engine. Good for building up my stamina and it's why this little orange 'bent is faster than you'd except from such an up-right seat angle. It often gives me a happy grin on my face when I accelerate out of a corner.

About 40km on the cyclometer now and I'm on a section past a pine forest. It had just rained and it smells like pine and forest, which is nice. I remember I have my camera with me today and I decide to shoot some photos of horses behind a small village named Grolloo. A few with, and view without the Quest. The clouds are most helpful now. They move aside precisely on time. Horse number 1 doesn't like cameras. Number 2 isn't scared of my humble Casio, so that's the one that you see on the left.

Still 14km to go. There now is quite a headwind. Still, I'm enjoying it and I try to set a nice average. Just over 29 is what I read when I come to a stop beside my place.

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