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14 Aug 2011

Thoughts on tires, part 2

Schwalbe Durano
Hard rubber, not that supple. Easy on and of. Gives enough grip for the back of my Fuego. Should last long. Came with my Mango too, at the by Sinner advised pressure of 9.5bar, which is stupid. Such a high pressure turns a velomobile with not large 'not that stiff surfaces' into a noisy wheely bin. Lowered to 8 bar, it was better. Cornered excellent, until you met brick roads, than it would bounce of in understeer. Good for going fast on a smooth surface.
rated: good for specific use

Vredestein S-slick
Out of production, which is good. Might sometimes be fitted without bumps. Needed 12bar+ to pop in place. Exploded at 16 bar. Close to impossible to get on or of.
rated: tire production/development failure

Kenda Kwest
1100km experience with this tire that is standard on a 2010 Q451. Cheap, but tough. Easy on and of. Not that supple, but suspension masks that. Every day tire in the odd 451mm. Profile picks up small stones. Funny pressure range: 2.5 to 7 bar. No side wall reflection. (American market?)
rated: probably a good choice in this size.

KHE park 40mm (or so)
I had these on the front of the Alleweder. A bit like the M-Racer, but should withstand 8 bar. Extremely grippy, light and easy to change. It's a BMX tire, so there's no anti puncture layer. It lasted 13000km on the back of the Mango in the 54mm version, at less than 4 bar! I did at a liner for the desired puncture protection. Not very fast. Too expensive.
rated: I liked them, but you can get better for less money.

Schwalbe Marathon Winter
Slow, heavy, noisy, expensive. But very good to have when in icy/snowy conditions. Spikes keep you up-right. I keep on of these for the back of my Oké-Ja, my 'bent for Winter riding. Perhaps a few hundred km per year.  DutchBikeBits has them. Why wait with ordering 'till you need them?
rated: must have

Vredestein HPV
Short lasting and cheap. Would be a bad weather tire, if it wouldn't become very sluggish under 7 degrees C. I did use them with my Dahon. Soft rubber results in plenty of grip.
rated: for anything that rides a few km per year.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus
I've never used this tire. It's not slow and is almost bomb proof. A fellow 'bentrider made one last 40.000km the back of his Mango, without a single puncture. A pain the get on or of, especially in the 35mm version. Heavy but extremely reliable. A worry free commuter tire. Available in many sizes!
rated: recommended for some.

Schwalbe Marathon Surpreme
No personal experience with this one. The more comfortable (supple) competitor of the M+. Costs more, lasts a lot shorter. Is much lighter and has excellent grip, even in the wet. So much grip even, that it slows you down. I might use it on the back of the Evo-K in the winter months because it's supple, light and puncture proof. It's considerably less slow with light weight inner tubes. Has 'triple nano compound' and comes in a folding version too!
rated: I don't look forward to changing a tire on a  2 side mounted rear wheel, with cold hands, in the rain. This is probably the best for this job.


  1. I find that the Marathon Plus in the 35 mm width is a pain to get on and off, so it's just as well you don't have to do so often. However, by contrast, the 47 mm width is one of the easiest tyres to get on and off by hand, and centres itself perfectly, which is very nice indeed.

    As for pressures, I think readers should bear in mind that Peter is light. I run my tyres at higher pressures because I weigh more.

  2. I never needed to change the 26in Marathon Supreme in the time I owned my Quest - which is quite a complement for a tyre!
    I'm aware David hates them!!!