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17 Aug 2011

Thoughts on tires, part 3, examples

After a long summation, here are examples from what's used in practice. Notice that, like Maarten mentioned in his excellent comment on part 1, that intended use and thus also road surface, plays a big role in selecting tires.

Regarding my own preferences: I'm a light weight reasonably trained rider who likes cornering. When the pressure in my tires has dropped a bar or so in pressure, I may very well notice that and find the steering slightly vague.

My Pioneer Lobbes, 50mm Kojaks. 4.5-5 bar
A big comfortable tourer. Year round use, urban too, on just about any sort of road. Where I did the rode to Spezi with.

My Fuego Yivalté, Minits Lite and Durano, 7-8 bar
Fast, 99% on smooth roads, corner happy, good weather only, racing.

My Cruiser, 35mm Kojaks, 6 bar
Quick classic 'bent for visiting meetings. No heavy use. Full suspension, so no fat tires needed. Happy 'bent.

My Oké-ja Yoska, 47mm M or M-Winter, 4.5 bar
For delivering and winter riding. No speed intended, urban use mainly.

Future Evo-K, Minit's and 35mm Kojak, 6.5-7 bar
And a Supreme for the Winter season. Utterly fast velomobile, limited tire width. Good roads only.

Mom's 24" Gaucho, 47mm Marathons, 4.5 bar
Daily commuter and touring, including urban use, rider not that agile.

Dad's Cruiser, Marathon Racers, 5.5 bar
Fair weather touring. Reasonably quick for a 65yo.

Dad's FAW, 47mm Moirees, 4.5bar
All weather use, and comfort is important.

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