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1 Aug 2011

Time trial Nijeveen 2011

Saturday the 28th edition of this TT was held and for the ??th time there was a recumbent categorie. The start is less than 3km from the Nazca hq. Relatively speaking, this race is just around the corner. And so I rode there in a relaxed pace of just under 30kph. First stop was Nazca where I left my luggage rack and had lunch. Several fellow 'bentriders where already there. Most of them had camped the night before on a nearby campsite.

With plenty of time left, we went to the clubhouse of the local sport clubs. We received our shirt numbers and transponders. I got number 1. More riders arrived, some with a van, others with a 60km warm-up. Two Quests received the duct tape wheel fairing treatment. Others where lightened by throwing out huge amounts of luggage, like 5 tires. The only thing I did was use a the quick release lever to lower my Fuego, a 2 seconds job.

Having number 1 on your shirt, means being the first to start. As usual, I revved the legs and reached the first corner in little time. There I felt that a Minit's lite steers less accurate than a Stelvio. That said, it does roll very nicely. Even at 7 bar, it's quite comfortable. Without any drama I sped up again. A few cars overtook me. One kept riding 20 metres or so in front of me for 6km, with his warning lights on. That might have given me a small aero advantage, or not. It obviously had something to do with the organization.

After 9km I asked myself when Jos would zoom by. He started 2 minutes after me in his Quest. Right after that, he appeared in my mirror. That was lap 1. I started lap 2 with a little wiggle on the straight, just because I felt like. The previous 11km hadn't gone by unnoticed by the legs. Two more Quests came by and I overtook one. In the end, it's the engine that counts. The long back straight was fun, there I reached 48 or so. In the headwind, I struggled to keep it above 37.

Fuego felt good around the track, fitting me like a glove. And, I was 14 seconds faster than in 2009. Now I needed 31:49 to complete the time trial and averaged 40.94kph over 21.73km. My blood needed some re-distribution, so I stayed on my comfy seat to prevent me from feeling too light headed.

I'd given it all I got, but had energy left to ride home at a reasonable pace. It's was another nice day with fellow riders and a days total of 112km.

Here are 11 photo's on my picasa page.
A link to the results will be here within a few days.


  1. Hi Peter,
    Why the hack did you choose for the Minits Panarecer?
    As Wim Schermer tested them recently (27-7) as one of the worse you can choose from. Even at 10 bar!

  2. Hi Mick,

    1: I just bought it.
    2: I find it a very, very nice tire. Fast and comfortable. Perfect for my Fuego Yivalté.
    3: I trust my own experience.