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6 Sep 2011

Terra Cycle Sports idler

The drive train of me Pioneer: 3x8 dérailleur with Taxc pulleys and straight chain tubes. The best compromise between costs, efficiency and practicality on a RWD 'bent. Until about 700km ago, the idler was not what it should have been. I was unsure if I wanted a TC idler, and I hesitated about buying one. The plastic idler worked and, even the more affordable Sport idler would still cost me €50,- But having a decision hanging in the air for so long doesn't do me any good, so I ordered one from Icletta.

15 tooth aluminum cog on 8mm bearings, packed with local newspapers and an invoice hidden somewhere in the box too. Naturally, installing it was easy. The first ride revealed that it's not as quiet as a cheap plastic stock idler. But the soft sound it makes is a sound of quality. Like the Elite idlers, that I use on several other bikes, the Sport idler too gives a more direct feeling. The Elite is quieter, but costs 50% more. For a velomobile or a high end bike, it's the one to go with. For my good ol' Pioneer, the cheaper model is good enough.

It'll likely last really long, survive multiple chain and sprocket replacements. It'll just be there, doing it's job as a idler should. Hardly wearing out, not sucking up power or make my chain run awkward when plastic slowly wears out. I like, I recommend.

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