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17 Oct 2011

LEL 2011,

Assen, train, Kampen, ride 40km, Lelystad. And 4.5 hours later, back home in the same way. Inbetween was the annual 51km TT over the dyke between Lelystad and Enkhuizen.

51km in a very open landscape, with only 4 corners, means that this is a velomobile event. And I'd been taking part with a VM here since 2007. I didn't feel strong then, and neither did I yesterday. The difference between 4 years ago and now? Two seconds. It's an apples and eggs comparison, I know.

I started enthusiastically with just over 40 and still had an average of over 38 at the half way point. But then the headwind took it's toll. At higher speeds, the aerodynamics could be better. I did benefit from the excellent climbing capabilities on the 6 times I had to climb the dyke. That always used to slow me down more than I found acceptable. With 10km to go, I had the brilliant idea to push the head rest way backwards. A feature this protype Vendetta has. Immediatly I gained more than 1kph and was now doing 36 or so. I finished with an average of 36.5kph.

It's time to put my cleats back to the position I always had them, about 1.5cm closer to my toes than now. I'd moved them towards my heel because of my ankle injury. Not being able to ' ankle' a bit is costing to much power. I'll start with 7mm.

What is good news is that an Evo K rider won with an average of 60.9kph, a track record improvement of 3kph. Within two weeks, according to the contract, I too own a K. Heavier than the one that won, and without the head fairing, but even then, a really fast VM.

Despite the fact that my upper legs had a tough time in the TT, the ride back to Kampen went surprisingly well. It's a shame though that the only elevation we have here are viaducts. Because when it comes to climbing and long distance riding, the V is an fine addition to the 'bent market. My daily total was 140km.

1 comment:

  1. De Cruzbike is de fiets die nu bovenaan mijn verlanglijstje staat.
    Ik ben jaloers dat je op die schitterende Vendetta mag fietsen.
    Wim - misschien ga ik je nog wel een keer vragen om proef te mogen rijden.