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1 Nov 2011

Record day Apeldoorn 2011

This event wasn't only nice to look around, there also was a criterium in which I took part. After having watched the Indian Grand Prix, I took the train to Apeldoorn. The tailfairing on my my Fuego Yivalte is compact enough to stay on the bike when I travel by train. Very important because I use the train about 5 times per year to take part in a race.

Omnisport is a bit of a maze. There is a shortcut to the midfield of the velodrome, but that's only opened on request. I went via 2 elevators, 2 stairs, a restaurant and past the twirl girls dressing rooms.

The atmosphere is always buzzing at an event like this. New bikes, new ideas, much to talk about. The young woman who I called a 'fast rookie'  at the beginning of this year, now proudly showed me 'her' new Tyrfing. A very special machine, nicely built by Elan. The seat angle is about 9 degrees, but thanks to the top of the seat and the neck rest, it doesn't feel that extreme.

Also present, Bram Moens with the most time trialistic 'bent I've ever seen. Daniel was there too, with his Evo K. And even though mine will be ready really soon, I could not resist to try the seat. And even without padding, it fits like a glove.

Suddenly, as I return from the toilet, the criterium is about to start. I quickly stick on the thing that opens my nostrils a bit more and smell some eucalyptus to make sure I can breath as freely as possible. Than a few laps to make sure everything works and to find out that my fairing doesn't rub.

My criterium is far from a steady race. Speeds vary every few minutes. 48, 50, 47, 44, 43, 50 and so on. Mainwhile the Evo K is going around at 57kph higher up the track, constantly overtaking. Eight 2-wheeled 'bents circle the track a few metres lower.

There is power coming from my legs when I need it though. There's only some pain right above my knees. My right ankle appears to be enjoying taking part in racing again. So, we'll work on fixing the problem with the muscle in my upper legs, and than I could be pretty fast again. (well, back to my best possible level again, and than further up)

I finish with an average of 45.1kph and ride 5 laps to cool down. Next on the track is Janneke. She rode a successful attempt to break the 1 hour record. The new record is 46.5kph.

I head home again just before 8 in the evening. Front and tail light back on the Fuego, rear shock in the high ride position again. That's all I changed to my bike. The pizza tasted good at 11 in the eveing.

photo with my Fuego, probably the world's fastest bike and the fastest velomobile

All the photos I made on Picasa.

And the video I made from Daniel's 1000 metre.


  1. that "eucalyptus" thing, isnt that doping?

  2. @Jon
    It's same stuff you rub on your chest when you have a cold. (Vicks) The anti-asthma medicine I inhale could be on a doping list. Not that it bothers me though ;-)