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1 Jan 2012

OBT 2011

Tuesday: rode from 9:50 to 16:05 and covered 167km. I started following the Fietsersbond route too late, causing me to ride over brick roads for 10km or so.
Wednesday: 51km with 150 other velonauts through an open and windy landscape.
Thursday: 166km in 5:20, including not riding for 15 minutes.

Velomobiles everywhere you look, in so many colours and variations. Let's hope we stand at the beginning of a new form of transport for millions around the world. And with the youngest velonaut being a 16 year old girl, there's hope. Though frankly said, I'm one of the few who keep the average age down a tiny bit too.

The K again was a headturner. With some minor aerodynamic tuning it's the fastest VM is the field. And the entrance is big enough for a woman too. (tested, N=1) In 400km, only 1 'drempel' was so steep that it needed a different approach. Even in 'long distance save energy mode' a 6-7Bft headwind slowed me down no further than to 30kph. Without headfairing and with un-enclosed wheels. How cool is that?!

The organization of the event was outstanding. Food was good and the location provided everything we needed. During the ride the group leader did take a wrong turn. 40 (?) VM's had to make u-turn. A moment we will remember for ages. The route was very good for a ride and huge group like this. Little traffic and only 1 traffic light.

I met new velonauts and exchanged experiences with the more experienced ones. No matter how different we are, we've all had something to say others recognize or find useful. And else, it's just fun. Like memorizing how much fun a certain part of cycle path is.

More photos: here