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15 Feb 2012

Alkmaar 2012

Due to the wintery weather, my usual mean of transportation to a race, the train, likely wouldn't have been the right choice. Fewer trains means less space for a 2.1 metre TF-ed Fuego and a tired rider. Luckily, I could travel with the van Dijken family. So I left at 8:30 in the morning to ride to their place and arrived in Alkmaar nicely on time, just before twelve. The night before I'd worked 'till 2am. But it's quite common for me to have less than ideal sleep before a race.

First thing I noticed in the velodrome was how cold it was. I even raced the criterium in long sleeves and with an extra shirt. Not a drop of sweat was on my skin today! It must have not been warmer than 10 degrees Celcius or so, instead of the usual 20, I think. According to Kreuzotter, that costs about halve a km/h. Second thing I noticed was that there where less than 20 participants. That resulted in 2 small fields in each criterium. But the field was competitive, resulting in two entertaining races.

Apparently, my 4km time trial went well. Or not bad, I don't know. 45.7kph sounds reasonable to me, but I have noting to compare it too. I felt more consistent than really strong.

And that stamina helped me in the 45 minute crit. There I averaged only slightly less than in the 5 minute something TT. There is the advantage of drafting, but still, it's almost 9 times as long. For a big part of the race, I rode together with David on his RazzFazz. I could keep up with him in his final sprint. The faster moments in the beginning of the race where a bit too fast for me. Good thing was that I got way better at staying close to the black line, instead of weaving up to the red line. The higher you are on the track, the more metres you ride.

So the race went well, but wasn't exciting nor spectacular for me. It was consistent, which is good. My speed was about the same as on the 2011 record day in Apeldoorn. Maybe I'll bring my carbon TT 'bent to the next race in Amsterdam. That needs some tinkering. It has proven itself during CV 2011. But again, that not a good reference point, as I was utterly slow that weekend. The bike masked that somewhat.

The result are here. Someone else photos are here.

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