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5 Feb 2012

More things I should have mentioned earlier

Half January I went to Hoorn for a IceBat demo with Steve. We had 2 runs in a programme built around marathon skating. Our demos went well and there was quite a crowd. After 2nd demo run it was time for a platoon of women the skate 60 laps. Now during the men, 100 laps, I already found out that this sport is quite interesting to watch. It fast, close and full of competition. But well, you get the idea, the 60 lap race was nicer to watch.

Back to 'bents. The Pioneer's TF went to the Q559. And the big Pio got the Fuego's rack. Yivalte got a TF too last year, so her rack was hanging in the shed. (?) Mounting this smaller rack saves weight and improves the looks.

The seat height of Lobbes is 66cm. The suspended front fork ads quite some height, and because of that,  I corrected the head tube angle by changing the position of the rear shock. With the suspension soaking up the bumps, the hub dyno producing power for lots of light and the the fact that I'm higher than most cars, this big red 'bent is perfect for getting through town real quickly and easy. And if someone just isn't looking, there's an air horn under my seat.

Now that some parts of the road are slippery, I use my winter bike, the Flevobike Oke-ja. It's dead easy in slick conditions and the chain is very well protected. Slow, but it get's me where I have to be.

Two weeks ago, I was on a ride with my Evo K. I approached a pony, pulling a thing on 4 wheels, with a young woman steering it. Ponies are more relaxed than horses, but nevertheless, I slowed down and carefully rode past. She got of the 4 wheeled thing and calmed down her pony. And than she said something pretty special. First, thank you, but that's actually pretty normal. Followed by: he's familiar with a yellow one, but this one is new to him, it's, a different construction. (I replied with a short clickityclack from the freewheel, as that might have been the scary thing for the pony) Someone seeing the difference between 2 types of velomobiles, when their not standing side by side, is spectacular. As far as I know, most people don't come further than that it's something yellow. Not only did she notice that my K is white, she also saw that it's differently shaped than a Quest. A truly memorable experience. I should have asked her phone number!

Anyway, we said goodbye and she also said that her friend was down the road, with another pony. This amazon too thanked me for slowing down and waiting for her to ride by. Velonauts and amazons sharing the roads. With some patience from both sides, all is well.  
Men rides horses too, I know, but I hardly ever meet them. And the few times that I did, they where less friendly  (not more than that) than these young ladies. And I don't know the English male equivalent for amazon.


  1. Not sure what you're meaning by Amazone (Amazonian?) - I'm picturing 'Xena - Warrior Princess'. if that is what you mean then maybe the equivalent TV show would be 'Hercules'... But I'm don't think I'd be using either to describe horsey folk.

    I had a new horsey encounter a few weeks ago. I caught up with a horse & rider going the same way as me on a country lane and, knowing they can get skitish around velos I slowed and waited behind. The rider stopped, turned the horse around, came back past me and turned again behind me - seemed to work well to keep the horse quiet...

  2. Amazon = woman riding a horse, I think. I removed the 'e'
    I often say that horses and centre steered bikes, like the original Flevobike bike, have in common that they sometimes suddenly decide to change direction.

  3. Yeah, I owned the British Flevobike for a while - a very frightening machine. We had a theory at one time that you guys in the Nederlands had only ever made one as a joke for the English and here in the UK we were selling it to each other... Everyone I met seemed to have had one and and it was yellow.