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8 Feb 2012

On a lake, without skates

Two weeks ago, I sold my skates. I hardly ever stood on the ice anymore, and when I did, it hurt my back. The money earned with that sell went to buying a longboard. More about that in a future blog post.

Monday I was out on a frozen lake. David and I rode their in our velomobiles. A 25km ride took us to the Hoornse Plas (lake). Steve was there with his IceBats. The temperature was around -8 degrees Celcius. Thanks to our Evo K and Mango however, the journey was pleasant.

After some preparation I pedalled two laps around the lake. Carefully manoeuvring around skaters and spectators. This is way more fun than on an ice rink! The propeller provides enough thrust to glide through fresh snow, which is handy when you have to overtake people.

After pedalling the IceBat I slid into my K. Most of the time I pedalled calmly, at the same speed as the skaters. Except for one part. There I went somewhat faster than would be possible on skates, on this type of ice.

The ride back went via a slightly different route than how we got there. An this on route some snow hadn't been cleared from the road. At one point my rear wheel slid aside. Thanks to plenty of counter steering, I kept a straight line. In my area, roads and cycle paths are kept clear so well, that I don't need winter tyres. My VM is on slicks year round.

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