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11 Apr 2012

Easter meeting 2012 (1)

Friday 17h, I'm hungry and put a portion of macaroni in the microwave. A leftover from 2 days earlier.

Friday 19h, I'm in a Chinese restaurant with 17 other members of my swim club. A good get together that I surely enjoy. There's a wide variety of food and I eat several small portions with little meat, and a lot of veggies. The amount of dead animal in my diet is declining. And when I cook, there's non of it.

Friday 21h, Home again for the final preparations for my ride to the annual Easter meeting. Within minutes after leaving at half past 10, my 'sleeping bag secure in front of pedal system' fails. What an utter failure that is. There's some space left in the back of the K and I re-arrange some luggage. I'm not feeling fast today. That could be down to the time of the day, or that it's far from warm. Funny thing is that my fully loaded K weighs less than my 1st VM, the FAW, weighted empty. Even some modern VM's are heavier empty than what I pedal now.

After 50km it starts to feel right. I've switched off the radio. There's nothing more than piracy broadcasts to receive in this area. From Zwolle on I receive something civilized again. I listen to classical music. These high quality melodies are excellent for staying awake at this time. What could be better than violins in my ears, the fastest VM connected to my feet and quiet roads ahead? Me happy.

A small navigation error forces me to make a u-turn just past Zwolle. When I grab my right tire, I notice the low pressure it is on. I'm standing next to a lamp post, and since it dry, and I feel warm, I decide to take my time and fix the puncture instead of just swapping the tube. The leak was found within a few seconds. It was caused by a stone too sharp for the Durano.

That sure rides better. It's now just past 1h and I'm riding along a canal. The asphalt in the municipality Heerde is best. Apeldoorn is easily reached now. A right turn takes me up a 'hill' in the middle of Hoog Soeren. I bioshift down from the 61 to the 39t chain ring. At the highest point, I wiggle the chain back to the 61 again and carefully ride the very dark and twisty 'Pomphuisweg'. 46kph felt fast enough on this road and I was happy with my 90mm brakes.

Into the woods, time for the high mode of the Philips head light. I see 2 wild boars beside the road. The sound and sight of an Evo K scares them away. Which is a good thing. They're half the size of the K, and easily weigh twice or three times as much.

A twisting wide gravel road leads me to a long straight cycle path that ends at my destination, where I arrive at 2:53h. Nothing more than a few raindrops on my visor. 130km without rain is good luck this weekend.

I find a spot for my tent after a short walk around the field. Flat with soft moss and about there where I always pitch my tent at this meeting. Half an hour later, my camp is made and I brush my teeth. Not before I ate a small Snickers to raise the sugar level. Now it get's cold. A good time crawl into my sleeping bag. My new air mattress is so comfortable! It weighs next to nothing and is easy to inflate, even with my slightly asthmatic lungs. After a 5 hour ride, that actually felt quite easy afterwards, it sure is time for a good night sleep.

What's not pleasant is the pain on the left side of my mouth. Making the pillow softer doesn't help, so I turn to my right side. The pain that suddenly appeared doesn't go away, but I get enough rest in this place where I sleep best. In my tent, on a field in the woods, near what feels like family.

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