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14 Apr 2012

Easter meeting 2012 (2)

Five hours of sleep can be enough. In a setting like the Easter meeting, I seem to sleep faster ;-) It's about 5 degrees Celsius,  but I eat my breakfast in front of my tent, as always. I quickly find out that warmth is painful for my tooth. So, I can eat, that's important.

Ksynonica J. continues to draw a small crowd. One woman said she'll fit in. We tried and she does. A shame I didn't take a picture....

Halfway the morning I went shopping. The shelf in the back of the K is very handy for carrying small items. Back at the campsite I continued doing very little. I chatted with fellow blogger Mick, who pitched his tent next to me. He always has a story to tell or a creation to show.

After dinner, prepared by me and enjoyed in quietness, I went inside. Inside being the building where the kitchen is and where most people share a meal. For the 1st time, I tried to make photos of people, without a bike in sight. The quality of the photos variates. Some are reasonably good. Anyway, they do catch the atmosphere that was there.

Later on I enjoyed the campfire. I had the right side of my head facing the fire, I cooled the left side by sipping from my water bottle. And so came the end to another relaxed Saturday on an Easter meeting for me.

Sunday morning. More toothache. But today promises to be fun with the puzzle ride. Answer questions, gain GPS coordinates, and ride. At one descent I overtook Maarten in his Quest, while we both where riding over 50kph and riding on a cycle path.... My top speed on that stretch was 70.3. The big brakes and Airzound where very welcome with the oncoming not so awake cyclist. I slowed down to a more sensible pace when I came close to them.

The twisty Pomphuisweg was on the programme today too, just like on Friday. But it's more fun in daylight. Mostly downhill, and with corners that really suit the K. A bit of a pity that I got stuck behind a car doing 50 on the last km.

During the coffee and apple pie stop after 50km Eugene gave me an extra portion of whipped cream. That in reply to me saying that if anyone had to much cream on his apple pie, I'd help out. Tasty calories I need!

The final 20km often was a bit narrow and bumpy. We managed, the K and I. The reward for today's ride was the food we ate together. Though because of the heat and the smoke from the barbeque, I sat in the quiet cool kitchen. That was much better for my tooth. My mom, who went camping with dad for the 1st time in 20 years (hurrah!), brought food. Stefan didn't fancy getting smoked either, so it was a dinner for 2.

Wendy came with a gift. She said the 200mg pain killers I used where to tiny. She had something way better, 600mg! That helped my through the night.

The next morning started with 2 awful hours, the painkiller had worked out. But after 9, the pain faded away with the 2nd 600mg pill. I packed up my wet camp, said goodbye and rode home. 38km from home I passed a small toiletry unit. It was open, so I could use the toilet. It was then that I saw 4 other velomobiles approaching. Fellow Huneliggers. But they were riding way slower than me, even though I had been a little sleepy for the past 30km. Now however, the final 38km went at the usual cruising speed, nice.

Now, my tooth feels pretty good again. My dentist did some work on it. I feel confident that it won't bother me on my Spezi vacation.

More photos.


  1. Hi Peter,
    It was a nice occasion to share the table and conversation with both of your parents. Very sportive to camp in a tent under winter-conditions!
    Again you made a good remark considering the derailleur of the trike. As your useful examination of the possibilities for building a hub in my Limit.
    Regards, Mick

  2. Hello Peter,
    I was wondering, do you have that much space inside the K to store camping-equipment?
    Do you drive with rear suspension, and how does it behave on the dutch cycle paths with it's 'drempels' and brick roads? I might get one if i can use it in allday commute.
    Regards, Empe

  3. There's indeed is room for [b]my[/b] camping gear, including 'kitchen'.
    I have rear suspension. You can see in a picasa album (google) that drempels hardly ever cause a problem. Brick roads slow me down, but that's never for long. It's less practical than Dutch velomobiles, but it compensates that by being the fastest and most fun to ride.

    There's a lot to read about my K on this blog. Simply use the search function.

  4. Thanks Peter for your comment. I guess the best thing to do is get in touch with go-one and test-drive the K.
    I'm really happy with my quest but i can't get the K out of my head. It's just too sexy..