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1 Apr 2012

The start of April

April is an important month. Next weekend we have our annual Dutch Recumbent Easter meeting. It starts on Friday. Problem is that I have a dinner on Friday evening with the other 'youth' from my swim club. Now, that isn't really a problem. It's a good excuse to ride at night with Ksynonica J. When I leave home at, lets say, 21:30h, I could arrive at 2 in the night. Not later than my evenings shifts at my job end. It's than just a matter of pitching my tent, inflating my mattress and  crawl into my sleeping bag.

Riding there with the K requires some extra preparation. In front of my crank set is space I need for luggage. So tomorrow I'll create something to keep stuff there. A cord, a net, Coroplast, something cheap, light, good and simple. And to require less space, I'll buy a new much comfier air mattress.

The weekend after that there is the Ligfietsopstapdag. A name that roughly translates to recumbent newbie day. That day asks no preparation from me. Apart from making sure that my Pioneer is shiny and carries a pair of Radical Banana M side panniers to show of the luggage capacity for travelling.

I bought those panniers last week. The 1st time I'll really use them is on my Spezi ride. Last year I rode there via the Sauerland. This time I'll avoid the biggest hills, not bust my ankle on a long bad road (and have pedals too far away) and ride home after the event. I realized that I hadn't looked for hotels along the route. Heck, I haven't written down a route yet. But no hotels means going camping. So that was another good reason to buy good bags and a tiny air mattress. Because yes, I'll ride there on my big ol' Pioneer. Which, by the way, lost 2kg compared to last year's Spezi.

So, that's quite an exciting month to come. Now I go back to figuring out a way to create that luggage space for in K. As I proved in my previous post, reaching there is easy. I know my camping equipment will fit in easily.

Last week we had fabulous weather here. And though I now it's a bit dry and dusty now, I'd like some of that weather with Easter. The current temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius with a cold wind will require extra layers of long underwear. It was on one of those sunny days last week that I shot this photo.


  1. There is space in the nose of the K for more luggage? I was planning on using the space ahead of each front wheel... Looking forward to more info and pictures of what *will* fit!

  2. The nose is pointy, so even with longer legs than mine, there often will be space left. I'll shoot some luggage space usage photos at the Easter meeting.

  3. Should we make sure there is some stuff for you at 2 am? Mark out a location for your tent? Make sure there is breakfast?

  4. @Maarten
    How nice! All I can ask for is a pleasant location for my tent, and that I can find it. The right spot for Camp Peter is quite important ;-)