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29 Jun 2012

CV 2012, Friday.

After a calm ride of 4 hours into a 5bft headwind, I arrived at the Midland circuit. In the middle of a province that's mostly empty there is an area with activities. It includes this track, the RDW oval and the next neighbour, the airport.

After having waited inside my tent for the rain to pass by, patching 2 leak tibes, and a simple but nutritious meal, I ride to the big oval for the 1 hour TT. The track is wet, it's windy and I was too late to ask Daniel for a head fairing. Yep, racers excuses already, and I'm yet to start. Maarten gives each rider a signal, and we are send of with an interval of about 10 seconds. For some odd reason, this year we did left corners, while every serious rider knows going right, is the right way to go, and it always has been done so. That has to do with cars damaging the asphalt, and they always make left turns on the 2.5km oval.

Because I'd forgotten my tiny battery, I can't read my speedo, which also means I don't know a time!  But I know what speed I'm doing by counting the gear shifts. 7th gear is good, 6th should be used very little and 8th on the headwind straight is very nice. The wind gusts are noticeable, although they stay under a level of being annoying. My first laps are a joy, the rest is less pleasant. At 2/3 of the ride, I grab my phone from the rear shelf of the K. That has a clock, and it's said I have about 20 minutes to go. Instead of a head fairing, the I'm hidden partly under my red raincover, that I'd didn't mount right, so that must have cost me another kph. Anyway, all the excuses aside, I averaged just under 50kph. Next year, with proper preparation 60 is within reach.

10kph faster, isn't that a leap forward? It is, yes. But later that evening I bought a race head fairing from Daniel. I had the choice of 3 different models. All the same shape, but of different material or carbon structure. The prettiest one now lays at my floor, waiting to be made more practical. It's weight now is 484 gram. With thin lexan, foam and a genius mounting system (to be developed) I hope to ad as little as possible to the weight, noise and drag.