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2 Jul 2012

Cycle Vision 2012, 2

Saturday morning, it's dry and windy. When I step out my tent, I see the track. It looks big enough and very clean. First I have breakfast in my little tent and then I ride to the 540 metre oval track to get my name on the list for the 'fastest lap'.

The big question for me was: how fast could a light rider like me corner here in a velomobile, without making a touche with a concrete wall? Well, in an Evo K the answer is: pretty fast. 52-52kph is a lot better than I'd expected. Maintaining that velocity for 4 laps is easy. Getting around the bents with 3 wheels on the asphalt does costs extra energy. And actually, the track isn't an oval. Turn 2 is more like 1.5 and 2. Where 2 is tighter and is made even more exciting by the wind blowing on your left wheel.

This featherweight manages an 11th place, 52.3kph.  That just shows how good the handling and stability of a K is. Now there was time to eat, rest and wander about, like on a typical CV day. All in preparation to the 3 hour race that started at 1300h.

Ah, the big race. I often say that I'm not a long distance rider. Truth is that I often enjoy en perform well in races that take 3 hours or more. This one was no exception. Yes, I started carefully. A field of 55 riders on a track like this has to find a way to make it work. Soon most riders found out a way to go fast and safe around the track and slower participants.

6th gear was all I needed for 99% of the time. Bracing myself constantly took it's toll. After an hour already my right arm felt 'different' and my left ankle 'odd'. Time for a few easy laps and to set my left shoes knuckle buckle closing strap thingy a little looser. There where a few boring laps, but soon enough it was time for overtaking again.

Half way I had a planned pit stop. Going left for 3 hours is very unpleasant for your right tire, so that's why I swapped the front wheels half way. Two friends lifted the front of Ksynonica and I worked fast with a 4mm Allen key.  This stop most likely cost me 2 positions. Afterwards I found out how close it was. It also saved me a €30,- tire. Better save than sorry.

After the stop my ankle, and all other limps that did not like going left continuously, felt better too. I went a little faster again :-) Xander, the piano tuning Quest rider was soon in my mirror again. We kept motivating each other for the rest of the race. How surprised I was to see that it was really close between us. Between 9th and 10th there was only 13 seconds, we'd been riding for position!

On of my latest laps was the fastest. That when 2 other K's overtook me and I wanted to, sort of, keep up with them. Other exciting moment was how I had to overtake a yellow Milan SL. That was not very fast in the second half of the race, but it did use the whole track. After a few laps of being held up, I set up my move. Instead of the usual right hand side overtake, I sped up and out braked it in to a corner, twice, via the left side.

After 3 hours I had an average of 45kph, 251 laps, a sore right shoulder and a 9th place. Nice.

After I race Emmy offered my some candy and fresh water. Perfect timing! 'Her' Robert finished 7th on his M5, the fastest un-faired rider. The race was won by Daniel in his K with an average of 51.3kph.  The complete results are available here.

The rest of the Saturday was calm. Ate some, tried to have a shower, ate some more.  Later in the evening I and others did a few laps on the track. LeeW let me have a go in his SL. And I tried out my head fairing. The day ended with a fireworks display above Lelystad, to which Fards brought my attention.

Sunday promised to be wet, very wet.

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