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30 Jul 2012

Nazca time trial Nijeveen

Can you ride a Nazca Pioneer to a wedding, in a suit? Yes you can. And including a detour to get around a closed bridge, I averaged about 29kph over just under 6km. (with fancy shoes, not my Bonts) On time I was and the wedding was a very nice day. I managed not to do anything silly. And when I did spill some coffee, my very white blouse escaped unharmed.

Now a day like this means sitting or dribbling around a bit for most of the day. No chance of any exercise or to lay my legs horizontal. As a day before a time trial, this day was not that good. But that's life. There's more than just riding 'bents all day. And we all enjoyed this unique day. Of three, two brothers are married now.

On Saturday morning I felt not fast at all. Good thing was that it was dry. I could ride the Nazca TT on a Nazca. I could ride my 'companies bike' at the event the company puts some money in. (our name is in the booklet with the schedule) And let me first say that my Fuego still has 'it'. She's pretty quick and suits me o so well. The streets where wet. But my Fuego had new parts, mud guards! Now me and my bike would not be dirty and wet within 5 minutes after departure. No, not at all wet. The narrow and deep mud guards from M5 do such a good job, that only my front fork needed to be wiped of.

At Nazca I prepared things to receive fellow riders before the start. Tea, coffee, lemonade and cake. And I'd come extra early to machine 2 small parts for Yivalte's handle bars.

Fast forward past some more eating and talking. I'm at the start for my 22km and feel much better than 6 hours ago. I'm able to keep a steady pace of 43. My cornering is horrible today. Part of that is down to not knowing the corners and part of it mechanical. I'd narrowed down the handlebars a bit too much and the headset had a tough life. So I take it easy around the bends and save my energy for the long straits.

That strategy worked. And despite going a little slower on a few stretches, I manage to keep the speedo at 43. I keep accelerating during the final kilometre and max at 48.5. My time is 31:07 minutes, averaging 41.9kph. That's my best ever at this event. Apart from the one time it  rained and I used a Mango. That year I did 43 something.

After the celebrations I said good bye and rode back to Nazca again. There I replaced my Fuego's crank set with an Ultegra one that came from my Evo K. (got a triple) Well then. By now it was a quarter to 6 already. Time to go North again.

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