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17 Sep 2012

The Seminar

After a 3h ride, during which the only thing mentionable where giggling school girls or those giving sounds of approval, I arrived at the campsite in Dronten. There I was welcomed by 3 men from oversea and a few Dutch Velonauts. LeeW had arranged a chalet for him, me, Bill and Miles. That's luxury for a fair price. With pleasant things like a shower, kitchen and indoor VM parking.

That evening we had interesting conversations. And I learned that yellow labelled Brompton tires roll well and that kevlar VM's stink more than others.

The next day I rode with Bill to the Seminar via an impromptu route. Why get there via the shortest route when you can explore a whole new part of Dronten? The 5 extra kilometres where a good way to start the day. Parking on site was excellent. And as so often, Theo was there to help everyone get through the 90 degrees entry.

Coffee, welcome, speeche, presentation, presentation, break. Most of this pattern continued the whole day. Not the coffee part of course. That much caffeine would sure do me no good. One thing I also did was spark the possibility for Evo K's to use the new 'drop in units' that are being developed for VM suspension struts by Risse Racing.

In the time that LeeW ate his fries and a burger, Bill and I did more shopping. Today and tomorrow we would prepare ourselves a good meal. Two fine variations on the theme rice and veggies. After that we went to the party in the cantine where Schneewittchen (Snow White) gave a show. You've probably seen the video by the time you read this. It was a truly memorable experience.

Saturday was the day of the group ride. About 80 of us velonauts gathered at the square in front of the conference centre. The 1st part of the ride was through Kampen. There I wasn't happy. A group of 80 cyclist and common traffic is a difficult mix. But from there on we went where there was more room. Not to gallop, but to roll along and talk with others. At this low speeds my chain makes an annoying grinding noise over the idler. On the big ring and at normal speeds it's pretty smooth though. I'm yet to find out what causes this.

It was nice for me to see that in a field with mostly Quests, the K is quite an agile velomobile. Yes it is practical. It just doesn't like brick roads. Schokland had no real roads for us at all. We had our lunch stop there. The lunch was good and Schokland is worth a 2nd and longer visit.

In Urk I felt how warm it actually was today. I was so glad to ride back to the camp site with the fast group. Best part was of course the Ketel bridge. I anticipated to a fast descent by starting in last position, way at the back. On the first part of the dip I spun up to 74. Than I could reposition myself behind the group, without breaking too much, for the 2nd dip. As soon as the oncoming traffic was gone I floored it again and overtook most of the group. Even on the flat I still kept it high in the 60-ties. The wind didn't do me much, Ksynonica J. was stable as a rock.

Near Dronten again, I made a short video of the Cedar Quest. A unique machine built by a man with lots of skill and time.

That evening was on of those when you really appreciate a shower. We couldn't stay up late. Though my ride home was short, the others had a whole day of riding to the Ferry to go. 90km, with a few stops to stretch my tired legs and back home I was.

More photos.