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26 Nov 2012

1 year of Evo K

 7700km of joy and refining. In a years time I've:
  • mounted softer springs, big improvement for feather weight me.
  • added chain tube, less noice and no oil on luggage
  • added lights
  • added some foam, way less noise
  • more small, easy and cheap things

All these small modifications have hugely improved the joy of riding and did not interfere with the astonishing speed potential of the K. Apart from the home made rain cover, the K now is practical and comfortable.

My 1st ride was the longest, 260km. And it won't be long before I improve that record. Flat land no wind speed record is 72kph, without the head fairing. My typical cruising speed is around 40kph. That is what my local infrastructure, condition and save riding style permit. I reckon that on a good track, with proper preparation, 60kph for an hour is possible for me. And I can carry all my camping gear to the event with that same K.

I think that the answers to most possible questions I can think of can be found using the search function on this blog. If not, post a comment!

Added 12-11-28:

I've now adjusted the tracking of the K under load. That makes a +1mm difference. I wanted to change the 1 tracking rod to a 2 track rod system, but there's no room for that. Anyway, the front wheels wheels are aligned now. And I gained more speed by clipping on fabric wheel covers on the inside of the front wheels. The rear wheel already had received the old covers from the rear wheel of my Fuego. Wheel covers at the back also keep more dirt away from the chain. Though I must say that after nearly 8000km, that chain looks remarkably clean. And I've never cleaned it.