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2 Jan 2013

2012, a list

I rode a tiny bit less than in 2011, 14506km
  • Evo K: 6646
  • Pioneer: 4181
  • Fuego: 1654
  • The rest: 2025
Highest speed this year was 74kph, down the Ketelbrug, chasing 30 or so other velomobiles, and overtake just about the whole pack in the few km that followed. Re-thinking that, that must have been the coolest moment of the year.
Longest day trip was 230km, from Valkenburg to Arnhem, a part of my Spezi vacation.

I bought the Winter 'Bent and sold the Oké-ja. There's one bike nominated to be offered for sale. I also bought and re-built a Brompton.

I learned to be captain on a tandem, the Quetzal.

The Velomobil Seminar, combined with the stay in the chalet, was very memorable. 

At the annual swimming event that raises money for something good, I swam 3km.

Problems with a wisdom tooth cost me about 10 days this year.

'The Bridge' is the best TV serie I've seen since 1984. Saga is special.

My favourite TV moment was the gold winning act on high bar by Epke Zonderland, also because of the commentary. And next to that, pretty much everything of olympic gymnastic tournament I could see. A couple of Formula 1 GP's also where great to watch.
I became an uncle.

Since April I volunteer for my swim club, a most excellent thing to do.
My best race was the 3 hour of Cycle Vision. My worst race was Groningen. The track is ruined by tree roots, and an Evo K does not like such bumps.

The Fuego was put on a diet. I'll soon write about how I got her down to 13.25kg, including mud guards.

I played a board game with friends 'till 1am, outside, on the 2nd day of Christmas.

I've cycled trough France.

I found out I'm not 1.74, but 1.77m tall.

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  1. Nice amount of km, I do not even think I found time for half of that :-(