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4 Apr 2013

Busy! 1st vacation ideas

I thought about it for a long time, and have decided not to ride to Spezi this year. I've been there 3 times now and I'd like to spend my vacation(budget) somewhere else for a change. 2 of such valuable weeks should be spend as good as possible!

Spezi is a wonderful event, but I must dare to change a habit every know and then. This years vacation will be a ride around Denmark, on my Fuego. When that'll happen depends on the vacation schedule at work.

There are new parts orderded to make my precious white 'bent more of a tourer. The close ration 1x9 will be exchanged for a 2x10, 39/52-32/12, SRAM shifted setup. The stock shock will be replaced by a more reliable Fox Float. I expect that one to keep it's pressure longer than one week. And for racing, the lock-out function will be a nice addition.

With the experience of last years vacation, this trip will have better planned routes. The Fuego is much faster, but does ask for a better road quality. Another step forward will be the better positioned Radical Banana bags, to reduce aerodynamic drag. With improvements such as these, riding 150km per day should be quite easy.