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12 Nov 2013

Still here

Yes, I'm still riding! Though the past months where either busy or not worth writing about.

So I still ride, but I stopped racing. That took up too much time, money and energy and I got too little in return. Only a few minutes of happiness. So instead of hammering 'round a track with a heart rate of 180bpm, I stick to riding my own routes. Fast in my Evo K or as a serious workout on the Thys Rowing Bike, a.k.a. Saga.

I quitted in May, but the last race I took part in was in Assen, last September. The K and I where good for just under 50kph during a 45min. crit. on an 800 metre oval.

The K's gearing now is 61/38 - 27/21/19/17/16/15/14/13/12. When This chain and cassette are worn out I'll up-grade to a 65. That'll be near the end of 2014....

Something I'm quite proud of is the Nazca Cruiser I restored. It's my bike to ride with someone else. I only had to buy a few new parts. Most of what I used was had I had 'in stock'. Women really like this colour. Thought I find it a beauty too.

It's not slow, very comfortable, easily adjustable and handles like a Nazca. The gearing is close ratio so that you'll always find the right cadence. The chain idler makes for an efficient chain line.

During the 1st 2 weeks of September I cycled through the Netherlands. First on my Pioneer, and the 2nd week on my Fuego. The weather was good enough. Perhaps a bit to warm in the 1st week. Camping, cooking, chillin', sleeping and nearly 1300km.

Well, that was it for now. I'll be writing more. And that won't take another 7 months ;-)

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