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31 Jan 2014

Conti Winter 2

I almost always ride on slick tires. Except during about 3 months each year with the Pioneer. During the winter season he stands on soft 'rubber' with a special thread. The soft 'rubber' of the Conti, the topic of this post, gives so much more grip than, for instance, a Kojak, or a Marathon, that I prefer the CWC2 over the latter 2, despite how slow the CWC2 is. Most of the distance the Pioneer covers is within Assen. And that comes with a lot of cornering. Those 2kph of cruising speed are not really a problem.... And I get that wonderful 'I'm so fast again sensation' every spring.

My Fuego doesn't accept anything over 30mm, and is built for basicly comfortable speed only. And because she's for the longer distances, I can life with a little less grip.

The K has 3 wheels. A lack of grip grip hardly ever is a problem for me in a velomobile. Even on icy roads, slicks do the job, for me. I just brake a bit earlier. And velomobiles don't really work in more than about 4cm of snow anyway.

Back to the Nazca Pioneer and his Continental Winter Contacts II, or CWC2 for short. I bought these tires last year, after I'd read a test at Wim's blog. In snow and slush covered roads always where the situation that I couldn't ride a bike. Well, I've had an Oké-ja, that worked pretty good. Though that's slow and meant owning yet another bike.

Last Sunday my tiny part of the earth was white. Finally an opportunity to see how 'winter' these expensive tires are. To my surprise, I had no problem at all during my 16km ride. I had enough grip and felt save on every kind of snow or slush I encountered. I had lowered the tire pressure from 4 to just under 3 bar to get as much grip as possible from these tires. Again, that is slower, but 20kph is enough when it snows. You also enjoy the scenery more at such a low pace.


  1. Assen, of course, that 's where you live.
    Nice Christmas like picture. Seems black& white except for the red Nazca. Nothing like that around here.
    What about the Thys rowingbike?
    Although I have a pretty good idea you won't be using it now!

  2. The Thys indeed is a dry weather machine for me.
    Though, now that you mention it.....
    I bike, swim and skate. And the Rowingbike is used when I could also use my Fuego. So a 4th sport is a bit too much :-(