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22 Jul 2014

Rutenbrock, my K

This weekend the races in R├╝tenbrock took place. And I'd decided to take part in 2 of the 3 races, skipping the longest. That would be fun. Though an old man on a bike, who suddenly turned left, knocked me of my Gazelle, and that broke my arm. Well, broke, a small fracture in the radius head of my left elbow. That is healing up nicely, and wearing the casting 8 days was long enough. The arm now rests in a supporting belt. But riding on the limits isn't possible in this condition. I still ride, a little slower, and on my Fuego or in my K. Both low and safe.

A small arm fracture and panzer lenkung combine quite well. And I can climb in and single handed pretty easy. On the open roads I could unleash the pedaling fury and take advantage of the supreme handling. The route to Rutenbrock is pretty fast.

R├╝tenbrock is my recumbent weekend of the year. Though the easter meeting is an important one too. Germany comes with the joy of meeting other Evo riders. People with whom one can share the magic of riding in this upper league of velomobiles.

I got to try out the best looking Evo S. And to my surprise, it feels like a completely different vehicle. That's not strange at all. My K is half a prototype that I slowly personalized to my wishes. The S is a better developed VM for riding in Germany. A firmer ride, a 75 instead of a 61t chain ring, a different sound, and finished so nicely. Naturally, my K is better for me. Her S is better for her. But making these comparisons is a good way of learning more about what makes a good VM. My K does steer lighter, caused by my heavy metal steering joints, versus the S's light plastic ones.

The genius behind both Evo's still approves the #7, despite it's weight of 25kg. The drive train still is outstanding, with the huge carbon mast, sandwich floor and seriously over sized rear swing arm. And it was quite affordable.

This autumn I'll make a couple of small changes, to further improve the ride and usability. Up to now, every part Daniel built has been outstanding. And every part Beyss built or mounted needed work. And the bits I added need even more work. In the end, the tinkerer and rider that I am, I'm still very pleased with my Evo K.

The actual event was a highlight, like every year. Too hot for many and I also wouldn't have lasted an hour in that heat. I did next to nothing and drank 4 liters that day. The barbecue, the campsite, the people, everything was as it should be. And there even was a dog.

One thing did bug me, the K's idler. Yesterday I took apart, re-assembled it and moved it 3mm to the left. That small change made a surprisingly big differences in sound :-) Next thing to do is remove and replace my rattling dashboard and electronics and sound dampen the floor under my heels.

This morning's ride was a blast, again. At 50kph, the ride is supreme!